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New Thrash Metal Bands

I must confess at first I didn't like this new - by now, not so new - Thrash Metal wave. Yeah, I am a hater, I know. But I've found so many good records lately. Here are some:

  • HeXen - Being and Nothingness (2012): Unfortunately the band split in 2012. It reads in their Metal-Archive's that they play "Melodic Thrash Metal with Progressive influences". If I had read this before actually listening, I probably wouldn't have given this a try.
  • Warbringer - Woe to the Vanquished (2017): I knew their first two records and they are killer! With time they begun to develop their own sound, expanding their musical variety.

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Great ambient, powerful Black Metal. Greece is a wonderful school of Black Metal.

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Young and full of energy folks from Geramny. Heavily backed by N.W.O.B.H.M. sound, but better. 🙊
Note: N.W.O.T.H.M - New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. That's something new to me.

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Death Metal with small hints of keyboards here and there.

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Eternity (1996) 

Clean (and dramatic) vocals the entire album. Still borrows elements from Doom Metal, such as the atmosphere and the slower pace, however the Death as in Death/Doom is gone. The song Hope shows the band is looking forward trying different music, for this song is quite alt-rock oriented for my taste.

Overall, it's an album full of beautiful melodies that can make your mind wander away.

Stand out tracks: Angelica (cool main riff), Eternity (Pt. 1),
Low points: Eternity (Pt.2) serves the purpose of composing the albums atmosphere though clearly a filler.

Alternative 4 (1998)

The last album with the old logo, but the music here is no longer the same. If you're looking for Metal, look elsewhere. Doom Metal is almost gone entirely (let alone the Death portion of Death/Doom), with a few and far between short moments, and some sort of Alt Rock with a melancholy feel to it came in. Lost Control is a track that keeps a little of that Doom Metal feel. Your Possible Pasts, although a track not originally featured on the album, sounds like a lost track of Pink Floyd to me. A bad album? Not really.

Judgement (1999)

If you're looking for any trace of metal, you're in the wrong place. If you listen to their discography, album by album, it's so very easy to notice how they have removed traces of their first records and at this point, it's easy to see they're going towards the complete elimination of any form of Heavy Metal in their music.

It's repetitive to say, but there is no other way to put it: this record is just the progression of the previous one. With even less metal, and more alternative rock, with a few hints of progressive rock and doses of melancholy.



Keeps the density of Black Metal most of the time, simplistic drumming and harsh vocals, but the riffs they sound odd. Fuel for Hatred is a good example of Black N'Roll. 

Stand up tracks: Possessed (middle riff is rather headbangable)

Down points: Black Lava is boring.

Now, Diabolical

Broken ties with Black Metal. Even though the vocals are grim, at times, it sounds more like a dirty rock n'roll to me. They still have moments in which a riff is repeated over and over again, something they've brought from Black Metal, I suppose. I really enjoyed the production quality, the instruments sound dirt, bass drum is loud and clear, bass and guitars sound alive and heavy.

Stand-up tracks: A New Enemy (cool main riff, the middle riff is rather unexpected and eerie), Delirium (somewhat experimental and odd), To The Mountains (dense).

The Age of Nero

Listened to it three time. Didn't touch me. I can't even say I disliked it because it caused me no reactions at all.


Slower than ever, with a nice atmosphere. The drumming is very simple but it fits perfectly the music they're playing. Many riffs don't follow the "metal school of riffing", exploring elements of rock in general. Phoenix has some gothic rock feel to it, clean vocals and all.

Stand up tracks: Nocturnal Flare, Tro of Kraft, Nekrohaven

Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Pretty much the same of what was done on their last 4 records, but I kind of liked this a bit more than most of  what they did on the said previous records. Need to listen to it more. A sax on the intro Dissonant?! Cool.